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Behind the Scenes: Grand Canyon Backpacking

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Ever wonder exactly what goes into planning and preparing for a Grand Canyon backpacking trip?  Even if you’ve been backpacking before, putting together a trip on your own can certainly seem like a pretty daunting task.  In this case having some trail experience goes a long way in making sure you plan a safe and   Continue Reading →

What’s New at Rubicon Outdoors

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Over the last several months we’ve been working hard here at Rubicon Outdoors, undergoing a bit of a transformation.  As we are committed to finding better ways to serve our clients and put together exciting tour packages, we, therefore, we must continue to search for ways to evolve as a company.  We’ve updated some things;   Continue Reading →

What Keeps Us Coming Back to Grand Canyon

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The first time I went to Grand Canyon was in the middle of a cross-country road trip on my way to California during the winter of 2004, years after Matt Brown started running trips with Rubicon Outdoors.  I had been driving for about two weeks from New England where I grew up and was feeling   Continue Reading →